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Re: Using debconf-set-selections in my package script

OoO En cette  matinée ensoleillée du vendredi 29  août 2008, vers 09:37,
Thomas Goirand <thomas@goirand.fr> disait :

> My package depends pure-ftpd, but only when it's using the standalone
> mode, which is annoying as this is NOT the default. Am I allowed to use
> debconf-set-selections somewhere in my package script to set it
> correctly? If yes, where's the correct place? I guess in the
> debian/config scripts?

You  are  not allowed  to  alter  another  package unless  this  package
provides a way to. For example, adding a file in ".d" directory or using
some helper application like "a2enmod" for Apache.

I suggest  that you get  in touch with  pure-ftpd maintainer to  get his
mood on this. I suppose  that using debconf-set-selections could be used
after a debconf  question. In the meanwhile, you can just  add a note in
README.Debian  or use  a debconf  note to  make the  user aware  that he
should configure pure-ftpd in standalone  mode (and you can display this
notice only if it is not).

Note  also that  depending  on  pure-ftpd does  not  guarantee you  that
pure-ftpd will  be configured  when you configure  your own  package. So
debconf-set-selections can  have an odd  side effect (the  question will
not be displayed to the user).
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