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Re: Becoming a new contributor

On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 03:26:57PM -0500, john.lindgren@tds.net wrote:
> The program is a slideshow-type photo viewer. More specifically,
> it is meant give this functionality on older systems not running
> Gnome or KDE (like mine). It is quite simple, has no extra
> features such as zooming, and so far only supports the JPEG
> format. It is all original work, so I am putting it in the public
> domain. It is written in C.

Out of curiosity, what benefits does it provide over, say, using
xview from the xloadimage package? Smaller binary or resident memory
size? Requires less processing power? Easier to use?

xview -global -delay 2 /usr/share/pixmaps/*

"Can view png, jpeg, gif, tiff, niff, sunraster, fbm, cmuraster,
pbm, faces, rle, xwd, vff, mcidas, vicar, pcx, gem, macpaint, xpm
and xbm files. Can view images, put them on the root window, or dump
them. Does a variety of processing, including: clipping, dithering,
depth reduction, zoom, brightening/darkening and merging."

I've seen a rash of people reinventing wheels they don't realize
have existed since long before modern desktop environments, window
managers and, in this case, even the Linux kernel:


I'd just like to make sure this isn't the case here! ;)
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