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Re: No sponsor found for weeks, what to do now?

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 20:23, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Plus, I've surely not seen anyone being "flamed [...] by the security
> > team", let alone "to crisp",
> (Some of that happened off-list and one of the people involved is
> well-known to me due to interests outside Debian. I can vouch that some
> of the off-list stuff was easily described as 'flaming to a crisp'.)
> >  let even further alone those "many" people you're
> > talking about, and find the suggestion that we would act in such a way a
> > bit offensive.
> Mentors might not, others certainly have done. It doesn't serve the list
> to pretend that security and PHP are not poor bedfellows or that PHP
> will not invite some very firm, very pointed and extremely critical
> responses outside this list.

Whatever you personally think of PHP, I'm not charmed with you making 
allegations on a public forum that "many" people were "flamed to crisp" by 
the team I am a member of, but then fail to support that statement when asked 
where you base it on. If you want to make statements that put a team in a bad 
light in a public forum you'll have to be prepared to back them up.

It seems to boil down to "trust me, I once heard somewhere that a person was 
flamed by a security team member".

I think it's evident that I'm not charmed by you postulating that "many" 
people were "flamed" by that team, suggesting structural issues, without 
presenting a piece of material on that. I believe that only helps to set a 
negative atmosphere around that team.


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