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Re: I want to contribute to Debian

On Wednesday 27 August 2008 21:14:06 Fabio Balzano wrote:
> Hello, I am Fabio Balzano,
> I write from Italy, I use debian sinc 1999
> and currentli I am system administrator of different
> systems for my customers all debian based.
> I also made VOIP systems asterisk based with
> custom modifications and c modules.

Hello Fabio,
	thanks for your offer to help improving Debian!

> I want to help Debian and
> *I can:
> -write bash scripts
> -write python applications
> -perl basic level
> -c basic level
> -write html pages
> -translate docs
> -try to fix bugs
> -VOIP expert (asterisk...)

I believe Debian VoIP group <pkg-voip-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org> 
would love to get some help maintaining asterisk. 

> I need some advice where I can start, and where
> I can find a contact to receive first job.

Well, the most hectic part now is fixing Release Critical bugs [1]. These are 
mostly things one need to test a bit, reproduce the problem, and find a way 
to produce a decent fix. You can try to deal with some of these, and send a 
patch to BTS (bug tracking system) in case of success.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/

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