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Re: RFS: swedish - The Swedish Dictionary

On Monday 25 August 2008 11:30:48 Jeremiah C. Foster wrote:
> I was not using the -sa option (include original source) just the -si
> option with dpkg-buildpackage. I have now built it with the -sa
> option and uploaded all the relevant files so hopefully we have a
> better package and a smaller tarball.

Hi Jeremiah,

the tarball is fine now, so that's resolved. I noticed that you've deleted the 
file README.Debian from the new revision, is that on purpose? As I don't 
understand Swedish, I cannot tell if the information given in that file is of 
any relevance. If that information is obsolete, then it's obviously fine to 
remove README.Debian.

One last issue: please remove the line about make distclean in the changelog, 
as it is no longer true. You might also want to update the timestamp of the 

When you've done that, I'll happily upload the package for you.


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