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Re: GPL v1 files

El Monday 25 August 2008 07:24:12 Ben Finney escribió:
> Noel David Torres Taño <envite@rolamasao.org> writes:
> > El Monday 25 August 2008 06:08:38 Ben Finney escribió:
> > > In this situation, the package maintainer has the unenviable task
> > > of retroactively acquiring explicit written license grants to
> > > these specific works. This can be done for each work by either or
> > > both of finding such a grant made by the copyright holder to that
> > > work in the past, or by contacting the copyright holder to get
> > > such a grant from them.
> > 
> > I'm doing that work actually. I've found the webpage of one of the
> > authors and checked that his files are GPLv2. That will be stated in
> > the 'debian/copyright' of the next release of the package, and I'm
> > trying to find all the other authors.
> Great, thank you for taking on this task. Remember that the
> 'debian/copyright' file needs to show the copyright holder's explicit
> grant of license to the work.
I think it is my duty as the new package maintainer.

> > My main problem is with the files created by Marcelo himself, which
> > unique copyright or license is that of the 'debian/copyright' file.
> What we need for each work is an explicit grant of license from the
> copyright holder. If there is good reason to believe that we have that
> for particular works, then you can copy that exact text into your
> 'debian/copyright' as the grant of license for those particular works.
Well, how to do that exactly?
For example, some icons come from a page in which the author says:
"The icons are distibuted under the GNU General Public Licence, Version 2, June 1991."
Must I copy exactly this phrase? or can I simply say

Files: icons/Paul/*
Copyright: Copyright Paul Emsley <paule@chem.gla.ac.uk>
Note: Copyright year unknown, seems to be 1997, most probably before
      1999 (included)
License: GPL-2
         granted at http://www.chem.gla.ac.uk/~paule/WindowMaker/
         copy at http://rolamasao.org/wmaker-data/Paul/

And how to do about Marcelo's own files? Check the package at etch to
see the exact copyright file I found. No year, no explicit grant and
no version number (which is what started this thread).

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Noel Torres
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