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Re: RFS: openttd (updated package)


On Wednesday 13 August 2008 00:41, Andreas Wenning wrote:
> You should add a debian/watch file to the package. Due to the RC/beta
> packages at the site the content of the file should probably look
> something like (possibly improvable):
> version=3
> opts="uversionmangle=s/-(alpha|beta|RC)/~$1/" \
> http://sf.net/openttd/openttd-(.*)-source\.tar\.bz2
> The Stadards-Version should be updated to 3.8.0
> lintian -iI gives a number of warnings when running it against the
> build .deb packages. You might want to have a look at those to see if
> any of them are relevant.
> That was all I could find. So looks good.

Yes, agreed. I sponsored the upload now anyway because of the security issue, 
and changed urgency to high. Please take care to fix these issies above for a 
next upload.


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