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Re: RFS: scrot (updated package)


2008/8/9 George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net>:
> On Saturday 09 August 2008 05:26:33 William Vera wrote:
>> Thanks everyone for their comments
>> Nevertheless still a little confused, apparently I do not see any
>> patch applied, apparently only need add to debian/rules manually
>> delete those files, am I right?
> Hello,
>        Your diff.gz brings in a combined fashion several logically separated changes
> directly applied to the upstream source[1]. An external reader can only guess
> how many logically separated changes are in there meant by you and how they
> should be separated. For example you were trying to fix the build system
> files, spelling in options.c, and probably something else I'm not even sure
> about. Or, in other words: tell what you were trying to correct, to tell you
> if your corrections need to be corrected ;-)
> Therefore, it would be very nice of you if you drop a separete and documented
> [2] patches for each logical change in debian/patches/, unless an SCM-based
> dpkg source format is finished and ready to use and upload (like 3.0 (git)
> for instance). You are touching too many files: patch Makefile.am only,
> Makefile.in is to be regenerated. All the generated files during the build
> process should be removed in the debian/rules's clean target.
> [1] lsdiff -z -x '*/debian/*' ../scrot_0.8-8.diff.gz
> scrot-0.8/depcomp
> scrot-0.8/aclocal.m4
> scrot-0.8/config.guess
> scrot-0.8/missing
> scrot-0.8/ltmain.sh
> scrot-0.8/Makefile.in
> scrot-0.8/Makefile.am
> scrot-0.8/install-sh
> scrot-0.8/config.sub
> scrot-0.8/mkinstalldirs
> scrot-0.8/configure
> scrot-0.8/src/options.c
> scrot-0.8/src/Makefile.in
> scrot-0.8/src/Makefile.am

But those files are not modified by hand, maybe autotools?, this
package is build with CDBS, then in the rules are 2 lines only,
I can use:
      foo foo1 foo2
But if delete all files, I can rebuild, I guess, so some idea?

> [2] document the idea and the logic behind the patch, rather than the
> programming language technique being used, since the reader most probably can
> easily recognize the programming language technique, but that does not hold
> true for reasoning behind that change. Some reasons are pretty clear and
> obvious (spelling), others are not (like the fixes of weird and subtle bugs)


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