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Re: RFS: scrot (updated package)

Thanks everyone for their comments
Nevertheless still a little confused, apparently I do not see any
patch applied, apparently only need add to debian/rules manually
delete those files, am I right?


2008/8/5 George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net>:
> On Monday 04 August 2008 02:13:30 Ben Finney wrote:
>> George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> writes:
> --cut--
>> Advice given here needs to be carefully examined for dogma, and a
>> clear line needs to be maintained between "you should do this" and
>> "this is one way to do it".
> I'm guessing here -- Have you ever thought that this could be an advice given
> by a sponsor who prefers the things the way he asked and at the end he is
> responsible to fix any potential breakages subsequently found ? Ever thought
> he wants his life easier? So get back safely to the ground and forget about
> any dogmas, except the ones found in debian policy.
>> I'm correcting the false implication that "put the changes in a series
>> of patches in debian/patches and build depend on quilt" is somehow
>> mandatory, or even that it's recommended practice.
> That flies directly in the face of DevRef 6.2.1 Best Packaging Practices.
> Should I be in dount or I'm better not ;-)
>> In fact, anything that generates the Debian source format is fine, and
>> there are perfectly valid ways that don't involve the use of "a series
>> of patches in debian/patches and build depend on quilt". That's *one*
>> way, but I disagree that it should be recommended without alternatives
>> as Anibal's message did.
> Your alternative as currently being performed leads to deeply hidden and
> silent changes to the upstream code and is proven as a very bad practice by
> some recent security disasters. Note that 3.0 (git) will improve the
> readability and changeset identification (since it brings more information
> with the surce package itself, but still one should fight the history) but it
> is not allowed/ready yet. Note, that I'm not against VCS, I'm against their
> abusage and the distribution of unreadable and sometimes dangerous bits.
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