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Re: RFS: salasaga

Vincent Bernat wrote:

Some files  are licensed under  LGPLv2.1+. I suppose that  upstream just
forgot   to  update   them  but   you  should   mention  them   in  your
debian/copyright.  You can  spot them  with licensecheck.  Moreover, the
sources  include bitstream  font. I  don't  remember the  license but  I
suppose this is not LGPLv3. You should mention it too.

 Done. Upstream updated it in svn but forgot to include.

In  debian/rules, you should  use "&&"  instead of  ";" (or  unroll when

You  should  adapt  your  debian/watch  to avoid  to  match  development
version.  Moreover,  you  should  use  mangle option  to  exactly  match
upstream version (see man uscan).

I think that you should fix this lintian warning:
I: salasaga: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 1028kB 75%

(you can get it with lintian -viI salasaga_0.8.0\~alpha3_amd64.changes


There is also a missing manual page for /usr/bin/salasaga_screencapture.

I've created a manual page but it's not so descriptive. I will e-mail upstream and
ask him to provide some more information about salasaga_screencapture.

Don't you forget to ship salasaga_keycapture?

Oups, it's shipped now.

You should not ship BitstreamVera but depends on it instead.

I removed the fonts/ directory and added ttf-bitstream-vera to Depends
I also updated the debian/copyright file with the license of BitstreamVera

(Hmm, I think I don't need it anymore since I removed the fonts/ dir which contained
the BitstreamVera fonts)

You can download the updated package from:

Thanks for reviewing it Vincent!



PS: Please Cc me because I am not subscribed to debian-mentors@lists.debian.org
mailing list.

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