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Re: RFS: arping (updated package - ITA)

Cyril Brulebois ha scritto:

> Maybe you want to use PGP/MIME? Mails then become readable. ;-)

Ok :)

> Shouldn't it be 2.07~pre1-1, so that you can version the real release as
> 2.07-1? You may want to check for an appropriate versioning with dpkg:
>    “dpkg --compare-versions 2.07pre1-1 lt 2.07-1 && echo ok”
> vs “dpkg --compare-versions 2.07~pre1-1 lt 2.07-1 && echo ok”

Fixed, thanks.

> I have a package of mine to take care of, your package is the next in my
> queue.

Thanks a lot.


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