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Re: RFS: php-ssh2, php-geoip (new packages)

OoO En cette  soirée bien amorcée du vendredi 06  juin 2008, vers 22:00,
"Sergey B Kirpichev" <skirpichev@gmail.com> disait:

>> One last thing  about the short description. It should  not start with a
>> capital. It should  not start with "a". And I think  that the wording is
>> unfortunate. I am not a native english speaker but I would suggest:
>> php5 module mapping IP addresses to geographic places

> Now it's: "GeoIP module for php5".

> Looks just like other php5-* stuff: php5-ldap, for example.

Uploaded.  Let's hope that  link to  CVS commit  will be  sufficient for

        2.4.0-test2 /usr/src/linux/drivers/ide/cmd640.c

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