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user-setup module fails


I'm trying to build a debian package for a binary install script,
which I want to add to an ubuntu 8.04 server install cd. I use a
postinst script to launch  the  installer script in unattended mode,
because I want the package to be installed and configured before the
ubuntu installation finishes.
My problem is that the postinst script seems to crash the user-setup
module. The ubuntu-installation finishes but it's not possible to
login. The installer log file shows that the user-setup module starts
but no users  are created. "more /var/log/installer/syslog | grep
user" shows as last line: User-setup: Shadow passwords are now on
I'm pretty sure this is caused by the postinst script, because
everything works fine if i don't use a postinst script, but then the
software has to be configured after installation.
This is my postinst script:

#!/bin/bash -e

if [ -e /usr/bin/eclipse ]

--mode unattended --eclipsedir $eclipsedir --jdeveloperdir /tmp
exit 0

Any help would be very much appreciated!!



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