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Re: RFS: libspiro (updated package)

OoO En  cette aube  naissante du  lundi 26 mai  2008, vers  07:46, Ruben
Molina <rmolina@udea.edu.co> disait:

> It builds these binary packages:
> libspiro-dev - a library for curve design (development files)
> libspiro0  - a library for curve design

> The package appears to be lintian clean.

Hi Ruben!

You run  autoconf in debian/rules.  This modify configure as  shipped by
upstream.  Is  it  really  necessary  to  run  libtoolize,  aclocal  and
autoconf? If yes, you should clean (remove) configure in clean target of
debian/rules. Moreover, I think that  you can remove the commented block
starting with "shared library versions"

A  nice thing  that  you  could do  is  to generate  a  -dbg version  of
libspiro0. Look at dh_strip to do this.
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