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Re: RFS: vfu (updated package)

OoO Lors  de la soirée  naissante du vendredi  30 mai 2008,  vers 17:25,
"William Vera" <billy@billy.com.mx> disait:

> In fact, is not a bug, because vfu say 'support' for list and read,
> does not depend on them (unzip, bzip2, etc) for build o run the
> program.

Well, without unzip,  vfu is unable to read a zip  file. Without tar and
gzip, it is not  able to read a tar.gz. If you  look at wrappers in rx/,
you see that they use tar, unzip, etc.

Moreover, those  wrappers are some security issue.  They use predictable
name in  a world writable directory  (/tmp/XXXXXX.rx.cache). They should
use mktemp based filename instead.
if (user_specified)
    /* Didn't work, but the user is convinced this is the
     * place. */
        2.4.0-test2 /usr/src/linux/drivers/parport/parport_pc.c

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