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Re: RFS: vfu (updated package)

OoO Lors  de la soirée  naissante du vendredi  30 mai 2008,  vers 17:25,
"William Vera" <billy@billy.com.mx> disait:

>> You should acknowledge latest NMU.  Moreover, bug #470615 is not handled

> How I can do it?

You just  add a  line in debian/changelog  with "Acknowledge  NMU". Some
time ago, you had to close the corresponding bug too. This is not longer
the case but the developers reference still state to acknowledge NMU.

>> at all. You should not expand yourself shlibs:Depends ! The submitter is
>> telling that you should depend on unzip, bzip2, etc.

> In fact,  is not a bug, because  vfu say 'support' for  list and read,
> does  not depend  on them  (unzip,  bzip2, etc)  for build  o run  the
> program.  debian/control is updated.

Did you upload the new package to mentors? I don't find it.
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