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swac-tools - software for Audio Collections of Words


I'm working on the Shtooka Project.
We record audio databases of words and sentences for educational use.
The audio content is published under a CC-BY license (We provide yet about 75 000 records: French, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch... ). Each audio file (in .flac, .ogg, .spx format) contains a Vorbis Comment tags with a set of pieces of information (We've defined about 40 specifics different fields). We've called our fields naming scheme SWAC Metatags (Shtooka Words Audio Collection).

I recently wrote programs for GNU/Linux that enables to make the most of this audio content:

* swac-get is a command line program which enables the loading into a SQLite3 database of audio collections. * swac-explore which allows the browsing of the database and listen audio files.

(I planify to write later other tools. for exemple: a gui for "swac-get", a program for vocabulary learning...)

As we use a SQlite3 database, it will be very easy to use these audio files in others programs (dictionaries, didactic software...) These programs as the audio collections are already available on our server as .deb packages.

Here are some internet links:
   * http://shtooka.net/project/swac/en/ - SWAC Metatags Homepage
* http://swac-collections.org - to browse audio collection with a simple web browser * http://shtooka.net/soft/swac-tools/ - Homepage of swac-get & swac-explore * http://packs.shtooka.net/swac-tools/ - Downloading page of .deb / sources packages (and audio collection in .deb packages)

* http://linuxfr.org/2007/03/25/22273.html - Article on linuxfr.org about SWAC Metatags * http://linuxfr.org/2008/05/07/24038.html - Last article about the project on linuxfr.org

Is everything alright with the packages that I provide?
Would it be possible to import these packages (2 software + 21 data packages) on the debian servers? The majority of audio collections are published under a Creative Commons BY (2.0) license. But in 80% of cases I'm the copyright holder (or some friends of mine).
So It would be possible to change the license if necessary.


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