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Re: mentors.debian.net is down

Fellow earthicans...

mentors.debian.net is back up. We are still investigating the situation
on the old server to see if we find any irregularities (script kids,
aliens, solar spots etc). Meanwhile we managed to get the service back
up on another server without losing any data.

Thank you for the numerous mails ranging from help offers to sympathy.
It's really motivating to see so many people interested in the mentors

If you find any problems with the resurrected service please let me

email@christoph-haas.de  www.workaround.org   JID: chrish@jabber.workaround.org
gpg key: 79CC6586         fingerprint: 9B26F48E6F2B0A3F7E33E6B7095E77C579CC6586

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