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Re: Help needed for packaging a library

Hi Georgi,

> Why is my library architecture-dependent? How can I make it 
> architecture-independent, assuming the source code doesn't care about the 
> architecture (I don't think a printf should be a problem)?

Your library will be compiled to a binary blob and this binary blob is
architecture dependant. You cannot run a ppc64 library on a i386
machine. This is also what makes the difference in the Architecture
field in the debian/control file. There are two special values any and
all. Whereas all means that the package runs on all architectures any
means that the package must be compiled for each architecture, so there
will be packages for all architectures. So yes, your library of course
is architecture dependant and you cannot do anything about that (unless
for instance using a byte code like java or python). Still it does not
hurt, as it runs on all architectures (with a separate binary package
for each architecture).


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