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Re: Help needed for packaging a library

> > libnonsense-dev.install
> > -----------------------
> > usr/include/*
> > usr/lib/lib*.a
> > usr/lib/lib*.so
> > usr/lib/pkgconfig/*
> > usr/lib/*.la
> It is IMHO a better idea to drop the libtool .la files.

Please excuse my ignorance, but why is it better to drop them?

> > usr/share/pkgconfig/*
> /usr/share/pkgconfig contains .pc (pkg-config) files for architecture
> independent packages. Your library is architecture-dependent (and you
> list /usr/lib/pkgconfig/), so you can drop this here.

Why is my library architecture-dependent? How can I make it 
architecture-independent, assuming the source code doesn't care about the 
architecture (I don't think a printf should be a problem)?

> Read the manpage for dh_install and consider to use the
> --sourcedir=debian/tmp switch (for multi-binary packages, files are
> normally installed to debian/tmp/ and then copied or moved into the
> packaging directories debian/$(binary_PACKAGE)/ - only the content of
> the latter is put into the resulting binary packages (except you request
> a different behaviour). Otherwise you would need to list source *and*
> destination in the .install file.
> Regards, Daniel



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