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Re: RFS: lynis (updated package)

Hi Mateusz,

IANADD, but:

> lynis      - security auditing tool for Unix based systems

Please provide a long description next time. After all this is an ad for

> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/lynis/lynis_1.0.9-1.dsc

1) Remove unneeded example files please.

Can someone explain what debian/control.org is? Does it belong there?

2) Please have a look at the last two lines of debian/copyright and
   remove them after doing so.

3) Please have a second look at debian/rules binary-indep. Why do you
   call dh_strip?

4) Please remove the menu-command-not-in-package lintian override. That
   *was* (read: it is fixed) a bug in lintian.

5) Maybe suggest dnsutils for networking tests?

After this (and probably other things, too) being fixed someone should
have a deeper look at the package than I did.


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