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Re: RFS: uniconvertor


> As I understand it; this is a "warning" if you have a lot of extra-files
> like examples or data-files. Then this should go in a dedicated -data
> package. The warning appears as the package has some C-code and some
> python scripts, and it sees the pyton scripts as extra-files. So I
> believe it should be fair to ignore.
So, why do you not create a uniconvertor-data package which is arch: all ? 
This would save some disc space on the mirrors. 

> > W: uniconvertor: script-not-executable
> > ./usr/share/pycentral/uniconvertor/site-packages/uniconvertor/__init__
> >.py N:
> > N:   This file starts with the #! sequence that marks interpreted
> > scripts, N:   but it is not executable.
> > N:
> Looking into other python-packages, this seems to always be
> non-executable; that's why I let it be. But if this is wrong, I will of
> course change it.
The error is caused by the #!/xxx/foo header in the file.. if you remove 
it, the warning will disapear. 


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