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Re: Install files with debhelper or make install?

On Fri, 07 Mar 2008, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Colin Watson announced in dda that dh_installman automatically
> converts manual pages to UTF‐8 encoding. [1] Installing the manual
> pages with the upstream make install doesn't profit from this. I
> came to the question if it is generally better to install all files
> with debhelper. But than I might miss some files on new releases
> they upstream installs with his install target. 

That's why you generally fail your build if there are files in tmp
which do not get installed.

> Is it better to use make install to install everything in debian/tmp
> and use debhelper to copy the files into the package? What way do
> you use?

Unless I know upstream's install does everything right and never
changes, I use debian/tmp and then move things to the final position.
[It's less critical for single binary packages, but for multi-binary
packages, it's the only sane way.]

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