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RFS: NMU: kbd -- Linux console font and keytable utilities

Hi, mentors,

I have prepared a non-maintainer upload for the kbd package which would
close the following bugs:

	#190385:	openvt breaks stdin (and hence everything)
	#190386:	openvt -w ignores child process exit status
	#261801:	Please move dumpkeys and unicode_start to /bin
	#452103:	kbd should handle the CapsShift modifier
	#459156:	package content changes when built with
			dash as /bin/sh [release goal]

In other words, all important bugs as well as the normal bugs for which
patches are available would be fixed.  Granted, this is a fairly
intrusive NMU, but some of these bugs are several years old (and already
patched) and show no reaction by the maintainer, which in my opinion
justifies this action.  The maintainer, Anton Zinoviev, has declared his
lack of interest on the package in #446030.  (I don’t want to adopt it,
though, at least not now.)

You can get the source package from
<http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/k/kbd/kbd_1.12-19.1.dsc>; it
builds two binary packages, namely kbd and kbd-udeb.  I didn’t add any
Lintian warnings.

I would be grateful if someone could review the package.  If you think
that I should revert some of my changes, please tell me; I’ll just
remove the appropriate diffs from debian/patches.

Thanks in advance,
Michael Schutte <m.schutte.jr@gmail.com>

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