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Re: Requests for sponsors to upload NMUs

On 2008-03-05, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:
> Yes, fix known bugs but don't delay the RC bugs just to fix less
> important ones. That's perverse.

Do two uploads ;) - one to "now" and one to delayed.

> All I'm saying here is that sponsors should not expect NMUs to fix the
> full range of issues that would normally be essential to fix for an
> upload to NEW or for an upload of a package already maintained by the
> person requesting sponsorship.

I of course agree on this. But I also think that if someone does this
extra things, he should not be asked to undo them before making the NMU.

When I am NMU'ing something filled with crack and awfulness, I have a
hard time not fixing these as well, especially if it is easy fixable.

> lintian errors and warnings are explicitly *off-topic* for an NMU,
> unless directly related to the RC bug. 

No. changing -make clean to [ ! -f Makefile ] || make clean for example
would in my opinion be fully acceptable.
(This is not stylistic changes, but nice bugfixes)

> Can we agree that these tasks should *not* be done in an NMU *unless*
> directly related to the RC bug? : 
(or after communication with maintainer)
> 1. SONAME changes merely to shut up lintian - i.e. where the RC bug has
> no need to change the SONAME.


> 2. removing commented out lines in debian/rules


> 3. Implementing dpatch or quilt for a package that does not use it


> 4. tidying up manpages


> 5. Changing the build system to/from CDBS/dpkg/dbs/foo


> 6. other lintian errors or warnings


> lintian errors and comments in debian/rules are *not* bugs. I'm not
> against fixing bugs that have been properly filed in the BTS and which

Lintian errors are often bugs.

> There is a big difference between bug-fixing and QA. NMUs are for fixing
> bugs, not stylistic changes within packages or keeping up with lintian.

"keeping up with lintian" - hah.

 - this time it was 462001

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