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Re: Requests for sponsors to upload NMUs

On 2008-03-04, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:
> Are sponsors going to start recommending changing SONAMEs in an NMU
> next? Adding -dbg packages? Of course not, NMUs are different to typical
> RFS activity.

of course is changing SONAMEs in a NMU appropriate if it is appropriate.

> Having a sponsored upload that is lintian clean is AGoodThing(tm) for an
> ordinary RFS where the maintainer is the one requesting sponsoring. All
> those niceties simply do not apply to an NMU - lintian errors are to be
> preserved in all their ugliness unless specifically part of an existing
> bug report in the BTS *or* relevant to the fix for the RC bug. (And a
> mere lintian error/warning is not a good reason to file a new bug
> either, that's why lintian exists.)

yeah. let us not improve the package quality in debian.

> Sponsors, can we please stick to the rules for NMUs so that those who
> seek advice here can get clear guidance on what is required?

Sponsors, keep up your good work.  If the changes are big, please
consider DELAYED/something though.


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