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RFS: QA Upload: xbvl -- A Lisp implementation developed at Paris 8 University


This package is a train-wreck. I've fixed up a lot of the stuff but it really needs re-packed. My primary focus was the FTBFS RC bug.

Anyone know of an upstream for this thing? The URL in the package is dead and google isn't much help. Actually, now that I look at it, it's probably a better removal candidate?

If someone could review and/or upload, I would appreciate it.


Description: A Lisp implementation developed at Paris 8 University
Xbvl is a Lisp dialect, which main features are:
 - Automatic optimizations of Lisp code
 - Possibility to add additional activities to Lisp functions,
   instructions and variables. These activities don't affect the
   program behavior
 - Interface with X Windows system and Athena (and 3D Athena) widget set
 - Interface with SGI Open GL or Mesa GL graphic library
Although it is right now in French, plans are to translate it
entirely to English.

Thank you,

Barry deFreese

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