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Re: RFS: nettee

On Mon 18 Feb 08 13:28, Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:
>Hi Joel,
>IANADD, anyways here are some comments about your sponsoring request
>that might be useful.
>First of all:
>On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 01:04:48AM -0300, Joel Franco wrote:
>> It builds these binary packages:
>> nettee     - a network "tee" program
>It would be a good idea to include a long description of the package.
>Because some DDs say that they won't even consider sponsoring packages,
>if it is missing. Remember: Your RFS is your advertising of the work
>you've done. Make it interesting for others.

Hi Patrick,

A long description is really difficult because the 2 words say all :)

I have thinked a lot about it and I' will not add but substract the
article, like the your link recomendation.

>> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/n/nettee/nettee_0.1.8-3.dsc
>Now to your package:
>- debian/changelog
>	General I'm not a fan of multiple changelog entries for one upload,
>	but thats just my opinion. However you should note, that you need to
>	build the package with dpkg-buildpackage -v 0.1.8 so that the other
>	changelog entries get integrated. Otherwise the bug referenced in
>	the first changelog entry (Initial release) will not be closed by
>	the upload.
i will do it.
>- debian/control
>	- lacks a Homepage header to indicate the homepage. See [1]
>	- Description is not very descriptive. See [2] for some tipps.
worked in it too. Is this better now?
>- debian/copyright
>	- Some copyright holders are missing in that file
Sorry. i did not understand.
It's the original copyright missing? i have include it.
my copyright too?
>	- Its a good idea to include a "On Debian systems the license text
>	  can be found.." notice to the license of the software, because the
>	  link in the "packaging is licensed as following"-text looks like
>	  it *is* for the packaging only on ordinary people IMHO.
I have included your text to precede the file location.
>- debian/dirs is useless. You can change the installation of the binary
>  to be install -D -m755 nettee debian/nettee/usr/bin/nettee and
>  remove both the file and dh_installdirs.
>- debian/README.Debian: Hm. I'm unsure if the content is suited for
>  README.Debian. Why? Because it seems like it has no documenting
>  character, more beeing an advertising on how enthusiastic you are
>  about the tool ;) I would like to hear other opinions about this,
>  however.
>- debian/rules:
>	- configure and configure-stamp target is not required by
>    the policy and you don't need it. so you could remove it.
>	- you could probably consider adding generating optimized binaries
>	  (e.g. -O2)? If you do, please also add support for
>- debian/watch is missing, but highly recommended. it enables tracking of
>  new upstream versions via your QA page and even a mail notification if
>  you want. See [4] for more information.
I'tried to do it, but i don't have sure that it's correct because it's
not clear which data must be in debian/watch. I have included the
original upstream version download url.
>Thats it for now. Feel free to inform me if you did changes on your
>package and I will have another look at it.

Your information is really useful and i'm gladed by your help.

Please, look again at my package.


>Best Regards,
>[1] http://wiki.debian.org/HomepageFieldHOWTO
>[3] http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-files.html
>[4] http://wiki.debian.org/DEHS

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