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RFS: NMU: prokyon3 - A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor


Could someone please review and/or upload my NMU of prokyon3? It closes RC bug #427752 as well as some other cleanup.


The maintainer is OK with the upload:

Hi, sorry to bug you, just checking in to see if you had time to look at
this or if I should go ahead and have someone look at the NMU?

Hi Barry, you are more than welcome. Please move forward with the NMU,
I will go home today for a doctor appointment, nothing critical, but I
will stay away for some more days.

-- Gustavo "stratus" Franco

Description: A mp3 and ogg/vorbis manager and tag editor
With it you can organize your mp3 and ogg collections
in a MySQL database easily, accessing mp3/ogg files on
hard disk, cdrom, smb and NFS. Files can be played using
XMMS, and can even be played when the files are on CD as
prokyon3 identifies CDs by content.
prokyon3 also offers an editor for ID3 tags and has been
designed to support tagging for multiple files en masse.

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