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RFS: QA Upload - muine 0.8.8-1 - Simple playlist based music player


I have prepared a QA upload for the orphaned package muine which includes an new upstream that fixes RC bug #440817, and fixes a few other bugs. (#415419, #427263, #449835, and probably several of the bugs posted against the 0.6.x versions). If someone could please review and/or upload I would appreciate it.


Description: Simple playlist based music player
Muine is an innovative music player. It has a simple interface designed to
allow the user to easily construct playlists from albums and/or single songs.
Its goal is to be simply a music player, not to become a robust music
management application.  It includes a plugin interface.
The package includes the CIL assemblies to access the D-BUS interface
to Muine and to compile plugins for Muine.

Thank you,

Barry deFreese

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