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Re: Long descriptions in RFS emails.

Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> writes:

> Just a note for everyone - I will now ignore any RFS that does not
> include the long description for the package.
> It doesn't matter how many times you "ping", without a long
> description posted to *this* list, I will no longer waste time
> either asking for one or reviewing your package and your RFS is
> likely to be deleted without any further action.

A good policy except that I'd recommend you respond to at least some
of them to say *why* you think they're worth ignoring. Many people
posting to this list cannot be expected to know your policy since
they're here for the first time.

I agree in the main with the majority of your sponsoring
considerations, and I'd love for prospective maintainers to be
educated on them as good practice.

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