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Re: RFS: libx86 (adopted package)


Sorry for the delay in responding. I had less free time than I thought.

gregor herrmann <gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at> ha scritto:
> So I suggest you use e.g. 0.99+ds-1 for your package.

On Fri, 08 Feb 2008, David Paleino wrote:
> Now, after some reasoning, I believe that I should use something like
> "0.99+ds-1", (or "0.99~ds-1", but it results to be lesser than 0.99-1).

I understand the ds part. Is there some reason why "0.99.ds1-2" was
left out of the choices? This seems to be the practice for packages
like "sysvinit" for example. The .tar.gz would then be named
libx86_0.99.ds1.orig.tar.gz which is fine since it is the source
which is being re-packaged by Debian.

I have not yet done the rest of my review so you may want to wait a
while before uploading a new version to mentors.



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