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Re: RFS: libopenraw -- free implementation for RAW decoding

David Paleino scrisse:

> Dear mentors, 
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "libopenraw".

Just a quick review looking after your diff.gz:

* the Vcs-XXX field should be used to document where you maintain the
  package, not upstream repository

* You should delete those dh_* call in debian/rules which are currently

* You could delete the superfluous/commented lines in debian/watch

* Why are you targeting experimental?

* README.Debian is useless, you should remove it

* manpage.xml is useless, you should remove it too

Please note that I can't actually check it deeper nor upload it
(semi-vacation period :). For now, please fix these issue, and feel free
to ping me back after 6th January if you haven't found a sponsor in the

> Kind regards
>  David Paleino

Ciao, Luca 

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