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Re: RFS: varkon (updated package)

On Wed, 2007-12-26 at 20:48 +0100, Erik Schanze wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> Matthias Julius <lists@julius-net.net>:
> > Matthias Julius <lists@julius-net.net> writes:
> > Sadly, nobody here seems to be interested in this package.
> >
> Ok, I would sponsor it.

I was looking at sponsoring it too, hence the ITR replies earlier.

> It would be great, if you could fix two things:
> - move all resources stuff beside file "varkonrc" from /etc 
>   to /usr/share/varkon. I think it is the better place.
> - Please add a example project to have a simple test case.

Matthias, choose your sponsor.

(and add these requests to my own. Most sponsors will require a test
case to see that the built package actually works.)

Re: cp and find - I've just been fiddling with debian/rules and you
really ought to use install -m and expand the list of directories in
debian/varkon.dirs so that you only list the deepest point of each part
of the directory tree, then dh_installdirs will create all the paths in
between and install can simply drop the files into place, with the
correct mode preset. It's a pity upstream don't have a usable 'make
install' target.


Neil Williams

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