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Re: Help with new package...

Le Monday 24 December 2007 11:11:14 liran tal, vous avez écrit :
> > You need to change your package version to x.y.z-t in debian/changelog
> > and to
> > create a project_version.x.y.z.tar.gz that contains the code that is
> > distributed upstream (and possibly *needed* changes to comply with
> > debian's
> > free software guidelines).
> That is what I'm not really getting... this is the first package, it
> contains
> a web application code (php, html, etc) so there is no makefile and there's
> no other version to diff it from... So why is there a need for another
> project_version.x.y.z.tar.gz file? and what exactly should it contain?
> code distributed upstream means what?

Just because there can be several debian package based on the same upstream 
revision. Think of, for instance, you installed a file to the wrong place..

When you separate upstream code from debian's packaging code, it allows you to 
upload new packages without uploading upstream's code each time. Also, it 
helps to keed track of modifications you made to make the software comply 
with debian as a whole.

So, yes, the .orig.gz should contain the code as distributed upstream, if 
possible the same tarball...


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