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Re: Help with new package...

Le Monday 24 December 2007 10:26:32 liran tal, vous avez écrit :
> Hey,

	Hi !

> It's been a couple of months and still no go on my package - daloRADIUS.
> In the last corresponding if I remember correctly I was notified by someone
> on
> the mailing list that the package was built as native, meaning there was no
> diff created.

As you might imagine, it must be quite annoying for us to read that and then 
see that you did not fix it ... :-)

If you need some more documentation on the issue, please ask, but it's not a 
good practice to ask again for a sponsor if you didn't fix previous remarks.. 

A documentation for the debian package version can be found there:

You need to change your package version to x.y.z-t in debian/changelog and to 
create a project_version.x.y.z.tar.gz that contains the code that is 
distributed upstream (and possibly *needed* changes to comply with debian's 
free software guidelines).

Good luck with your package !


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