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Re: RFS: splint (updated package) -- ITA and fixes a bunch of bugs

On 07/12/17 00:43 +0900, Michal Čihař said ...
> Just quickly looked at the package, will look more deeply tomorrow and
> upload if noone else will be more interested/faster than me.

Thank you, nobody else has expressed interest yet.

> Are you sure that splint-data (>= 3.1.2) dependency is right? Are you
> sure that splint 4.0 data will work with splint 3.1.2? And anyway you
> should not hardcode version and use ${source:Version} or
> ${binary:Version} instead.

I got this right this time around.  Thank you for pointing it out.

> Also the debian/*.dirs files seems not to be needed at all.


I also sneaked in a couple of other cosmetic changes.  BTW, there is an
SVN repository [1] on alioth in collab-maint/ext-maint for splint.

[1] http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/collab-maint/ext-maint/splint/unstable/?op=log

Please pass a -v3.1.1-6 option to dpkg-buildpackage because I bumped up
the debian revision number.

Further comments are welcome.



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