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Re: service helper package

Eric Lavarde wrote:
> Hi,
> Thomas Goirand wrote:
>> Stephen Gran wrote:
>>>>> # Check whether we were configured to not start the services.
>>>>> check_for_no_start() {
>>>>>     if [ "$SERVICE_DISABLED" = "yes" ]; then
>>>> This is such a broken behavior. Initscripts are enabled and disabled in
>>>> the configuration of the init system.
>>> That's not quite true - many packages in debian use an enable/disable
>>> variable in an /etc/default/package file.
>> Not talking about any policy, but I personally hate it. Why on earth
>> would you want to have a package NOT to work if you install it? This is
>> insane...
> You might want to disable _temporarily_ a certain application? It's
> easier/quicker than to reconfigure the init system and you don't loose
> the information about run-levels where the program is meant to start.
> Eric

I'm ok with that, but not *BY DEFAULT*. IMHO, by default, a package
should just run...


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