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Re: Ubuntu-to-Debian packaging


[no need to CC me. I never expressed the wish that I want that]

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 09:34:27PM +0100, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> Not too long ago, about 4 years, when Ubuntu didn't exist, I tried to
> upload my first package to Debian. It was a package we had been using in
> LinEx (our Extremadura Debian based distribution). My sponsor and some

so your handling of packages derives from a time were neither Ubuntu,
nor the Utnubu project existed and your only rationale for this is, that
your sponsors (when you have not been a DD like now) said that? Uh.

> other people at Debian told me that changelog should begin when the
> package begins in Debian, no matter if it had been used before somewhere

There is no consensous about this. See the list archive for -mentors.
Their have been several discussions on this topic and there are a lot of
Debian Developers that don't agree with this. Also I am quiet sure there
is the talking about *your own* work. The difference is that you can do
whatever you like with *your* work, while you can't just take the work
from others and do like they never did it.

> else. I don't know if there is a policy for this, but I would like to

Thats bad. You should not answer to such questions if you don't know it
for your self! Thats especially true because of your DD status that
causes others to give your saying more confidence.

> think there are no preferences between some derivatives and some others.
> I have not seen changelogs containing knoppix, progeny, mepis or linex
> entries...

Giving a preference to one derivative is probably not the best idea, but if
someone takes the work from others to integrate it into Debian or the
otherway round then he should not just drop the packages history. And
btw. Ubuntu does not do that. And: I gave you some rationales why it
is bad. Whats yours?
Compared to *that* case there is another case were I find it reasonable
to drop changelog history. Say for example a package that evolves in
your own private history. 

> Sure, and previous work should be mentioned, no matter who did it:
> Ubuntu or my grand mother.



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