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Re: RFS: icedove-displayquota

On Nov 13, 2007 10:34 PM, Carlos Silombria (Silverdog)
<silverdog@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "icedove-displayquota".

Some comments on your package:

debian/copyright contains boilerplate that you should *READ*, take
action and then remove!

remove the configure target if debian/rules, it isn't used

the short description should not just be the first line of the long
description. use something like "display IMAP quota status in icedove"

You run dh_installman while not installing any manual pages, why?

Why is the package arch any? none of the installed files seem to be
architecture specific

You run dh_strip on a package that should be arch all, why?

You run dh_installexamples while not installing any examples, why?

The upstream tarball doesn't seem to have any copyright information or
a licence, so by default we have no right to distribute it. No sponsor
should upload this package.

The upstream tarball has a prebuilt .jar that contains a DEADJOE file,
upstream should remove that DEADJOE file. It would be nice if upstream
could release a *source code* tarball as well as the prebuilt jar.

You don't include a debian/watch file and a debian/rules
get-orig-source target that knows how to recreate your .orig.tar.gz
from the files that upstream provides.



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