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Re: Are soname bumps required when library upgrades break compatibility?

>> That is a bit of a stretch. It would not be unusable.

> The point of a library is to be used by its dependencies, by the
> packages built against it. If it is (not|no longer) usable by these
> rdepends, the package is unusable.

That makes sense.

>> You can't really say "breaks unrelated packages" either, because they
>> would have a direct relation.

> I didn't say anything like that.

I didn't mean to imply that you did. It was actually something I
thought of. Your justification makes more sense.

> Policy 8.1 is clear - if the bug documents a crash in an application
> that was not present before the library was updated and the library
> has not changed the SONAME or package name, the library justifies an
> RC bug.

Actually, Policy 8.1 doesn't say anything about when to change the
soname. Perhaps it should?

Thanks for your explanations guys. I get it now. A crash is serious,
whether or not the reason is documented in policy. If the crash is the
fault of the library, the library gets the RC bug.

> The maintainer should not downgrade it and you would be justified
> in reinstating that severity.

Ok. I also wanted to make it clear that Patrick never tried to
downgrade the bug. I just wanted to be prepared in case some maintainer
I ever need to deal with in the future did.


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