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Re: DebPPA: Debian Personal Package Archive

> > So I'll install the "debppa" packge (ideally using one command)
> apt-get install debppa?

Exactly like this when I get it to Debian. Ideally, there shouldn't be
any other setup, one would just start a command, let's say debppa, or
/etc/init.d/debppa start, and could immedatelly use it on the local
machine. Plus it would of course support a way, how to integrate it in
apache, but that would probably require some manual editing.

> > Currently the code can import packages, can compile them in cowbuilder
> > (so only the server's architecture can be produced),
> Many Debian packages aren't designed to support cross-compilation.
> Currently the only way to reliably build for multiple architectures is
> to build on multiple architectures.

I didn't know that. Well, in this case, it should automate the process
as well. It's very boring to create and test the package let's say on
my laptop, then to copy it to amd64 machine, compile it again, etc. If
I have a ssh account, the debppa would then log in to the amd64
machine, copy the package, build it, copy the result back (including
log), put that in archive.

> That is extremely useful IMO.  When fixing bugs in a package, you have
> to test them anyway, so this system would be used (by people who like
> it) for that.  The trouble of making a diff with the original package
> and sending it to the BTS can be avoided and I think that would make
> sending patches much easier.  Not that the steps are hard to do, but
> automating repetitive work is always good. :-)

Exactly. I think many people, including me, are fixing things for
themselves, but don't have time, to properly create a patch, send it,
etc. All of this can be automated.

> I like the idea.  I'm also willing to help a bit, although like many
> people, I'm a bit short on available time. ;-)

Awesome. Unfortunately, it's rather a prototype know, still needs a
lot of work.

But I'd like to bring it to a usable state, get it to Debian, so that
everyone can easily use it, locally on their machines, with extremely
simple, or zero setup. If the package is robust, maybe there will be
someone with resources, who will start debppa for others, like Ubuntu
PPA is doing.


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