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Re: DebPPA: Debian Personal Package Archive

On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 03:40:01AM +0200, Ondrej Certik wrote:
> Hi,


> I would like to create something like the Ubuntu Personal Package
> Archive (PPA), but for Debian.

I don't know that, so I'm only responding to your description.

> It's written in Django (Python) and my idea is to have a simple web
> page, like PPA has, I will create a source package, upload it, compile
> it by clicking on one button (it will use pbuilder/cowbuilder,
> compiles for several architectures), it will show the lintian/linda
> report, another button will run the package in piuparts.  Then it will
> contain an apt-gettable archive of source and binary packages.

That sounds useful.

> So I'll install the "debppa" packge (ideally using one command)

apt-get install debppa?

> Currently the code can import packages, can compile them in cowbuilder
> (so only the server's architecture can be produced),

Many Debian packages aren't designed to support cross-compilation.
Currently the only way to reliably build for multiple architectures is
to build on multiple architectures.

> show the logs, creates and automatically updates the Debian archive of
> binary packages. There are still some small issues, that need to be
> fixed and polished.

Sounds good.

> In the future, I'd like to have these features:
>   * if the same package is in the unstable, it will show a link to the
> Debian package page, together with a diff file, that I can just send
> to the repective BTS for the package and everyone can just see it and
> apply it himself

That is extremely useful IMO.  When fixing bugs in a package, you have
to test them anyway, so this system would be used (by people who like
it) for that.  The trouble of making a diff with the original package
and sending it to the BTS can be avoided and I think that would make
sending patches much easier.  Not that the steps are hard to do, but
automating repetitive work is always good. :-)

> What is your opinion about this?
> Let me know, if any of you would be interested in such a thing, or
> even willing to help me with that.

I like the idea.  I'm also willing to help a bit, although like many
people, I'm a bit short on available time. ;-)


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