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custom boot CD


I often have problems installing Debian using the official installer,
the kernel is too old, so that it either doesn't boot or some drivers
(like ethernet card or cdrom) aren't working -- happens to me always
when installing on a new computer, once two years ago, twice a year
ago and once today and I was always using the newest available

So I try to install by hand using debootstrap, usually from Knoppix,
if possible. Unforunately, it usually doesn't load on new computers

What remains is my own custom boot CD, with the newest kernel. Since I
have already used my code several times by now, I decided to share it
with you (you'll also find there a wiki how to install using
Deboostrap and Grub in a very short way):


Maybe some of you will find it useful. I am also interested in any
comments, what you do in similar situations.


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