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Re: RFS: eprints

Missing information: What language does this package use?

ok, en for a start, i'll look at updating this.

I note that the ITP is very old (changed owner a few times) but it does
specify "it's a set of Perl scripts designed to run with Apache and
mod_perl using a MySQL database."

So I hope this isn't an old upstream depending on apache and not apache2.

No you may notice the original request was for eprints 1 or 2, and the developers are now on version 3 and still going.
I am not directly connected to the actual dev team but do a lot of the leg work.
Eprints 3 works with apache2 and simply adds a config file to sites-available (which users enable when they have configured their install).

If it is a set of perl scripts, are there any modules that may deserve
being split into other packages?

Not really, the developers picked perl as the language they wanted to code the package in and they have coded it  in a modular way but there is no real benefit in haveing the modules packaged independently as they all require the eprints package anyway. There may be a possibility of having eprints-plugin-foo in the future as there are plugins available separately via the official package website. 

The package itself does depend upon a few perl modules being already installed to work and I have include these in the dependancies. 

All RFS emails should specify the language of the package because there
are several teams in Debian dedicated to supporting maintainers of
packages using that particular language - the Debian Perl group would
be your first source of help with this package.

Again, judging by the (old) ITP, you will *need* significant, maybe
considerable, assistance to package this correctly : "The installation
is however quite complicated."

Unless upstream have smoothed the process, that sounds like eprints
should definitely request an overview from members of Debian Perl.

The coders of this package are possibly more experienced than the person who originally posted to ITP and the installation process has improved. 
There are just a lot of dependancies which tend to scare people (especially redhat users). 
If you take a brief look at the rules file and post install scripts i think you will find that it isn't that complex. 

(Not retitling the thread, I have no time to take on a complex Perl
package right now - I have enough work rewriting the Perl
cross-building support in Debian.)

I appreciate any advice you can offer on this package and anything which I need to work on in order to get it accepted into the package tree. 

Thanks in advance.

David Tarrant
EPrints Debian Maintainer
School of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ

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