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Re: debian .orig.tar.gz vs. upstream tar.gz


On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Neil Williams wrote:
> I'm confused. Is this related to the other messages in this thread or
> did you mean to start a new thread?

I'm sorry that I posted to your thread and confused the issue. Many
apologies for the hijack.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Neil Williams wrote:
> EVERY instance of repacking .orig.tar.gz needs to be explained in
> debian/changelog.

Not just debian/changelog but README.Debian-source. However, the point
of my mail was not about *how* pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz turned out to
be different from upstream's version but what to do *if* it turned
out to be different.

One has no control over pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz if it is *already*
in the Debian archive. This applies (e.g.) to the situation where a
sponsee adopts a package.

> > Do *not* depend on a local .orig.tar.gz as it may also have changed for
> > some other mysterious reason.
> It should not have changed.

It should not have changed but it may have. For example, at some
point someone may have done:

	gunzip pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz
	gzip -9 pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz

for all the wrong reasons. 

Or, for example, upstream may have moved the archive to a public
repository, and since it was a large file did:

	gunzip pkg-123.45.tar.gz
	gzip --rsyncable pkg-123.45.tar.gz

> One of the reasons I started the original thread was so that I could
> rely on .orig.tar.gz only being downloaded once for each sponsorship
> run.

The rule (for the sponsor) could be something like. While sponsoring a
package *always* check that pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz matches upstream.
If the package is being adopted then also check the Debian archive
version of pkg_123.45.orig.tar.gz. All differences must be sorted out
and if necessary documented in README.Debian-source.

To see some of my past mistakes coming back to haunt me
have a look at par_1.52-3 and README.Debian-source in it.



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