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Re: RFS: cellwriter

Nice to see how I sent the wrong email :-(


On 8/21/07, Michael Levin <risujin@risujin.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 22:38 +0100, Jonny Lamb wrote:
> >  * debian/control has a format for homepage URLs, which is *two* spaces
> >    then "Homepage: http://www.example.com/";
> I can't find mention of this in either the Policy or the New
> Maintainer's guide, how is that supposed to look? Does that go in the
> description or is that one of the control lines (if so, why two spaces
> in front of it..?)

The homepage *recommendation* is available here:

It isn't mandatory to use two spaces followed by Homepage: http://somesite

I have the impression that when we say "You need to use this on your
package", people (mainly new people) think that this is the correct
thing to do (while there isn't (yet) a consensus about the homepage

People looking at this will think that it's needed to use this format,
while in fact it isn't. It's just a recommendation. There is nothing
saying "Use like this because all other formats are wrong".

There is a recent discussion about this topic here:

In short: it's not wrong to use Homepage with one space, or use URL or whatever.

Best regards,

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