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Re: How to deliver an binary file

Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO  Pendant le  temps de  midi du  dimanche 19  août 2007,  vers 12:06,
> Christian Welzel <gawain@camlann.de> disait:
> > i packaged typo3-src and had to add an source-file for a font that is used 
> > inside typo3. The file is a gzipped .sfd file and currently i handle this by 
> > repackaging the orig.tar.gz (my former sponsor wanted this). But my 
> > new sponsor thinks this should be added during package build. But this way
> > the 88kb binary file would be in the diff.gz...
> > What is the prefered way to handle this ?
> > PS: i talked to upstream some time ago and they do not want to add
> > this into their releases. So i have to handle this on my own.
> To be able to include it in  diff.gz, you need to encode it. You can use
> uudecode to decode it. Therefore, you need to source depend on sharutils.
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You don't need sharutils, you can use perl's pack function

See the footnote in the Developer's Reference
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