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Re: RFS: libwhisker2-perl

Deepak Tripathi dijo [Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 04:14:44PM +0530]:
> Hi Matrin,
> it was the long discussion that which one i have to take,
> see there are tow binary 1)libwhisker-perl 2)libwhisker2-perl.
> yes you are right that libwhisker2-perl is a new upstream release of
> libwhisker-perl "BUT" only the nikto (upgrade version) uses
> libwhisker-perl thats y old or updated libwhisker-perl has to be
> there.
> And libwhiske2-perl is new upstream so thats y this will be treat as
> a new one.


I don't see the point of packaging an old library because one program
(which is not yet part of Debian) requires it. Is the API very
different? Have you talked with Nikto's author? Why not migrating
Nikto from the Whisker to the Whisker2 API? Sure, it's more work, but
it prevents us from packaging useless and obsolete software.

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