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Re: homebank (license issue)

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 02:42:19PM +0200, Francesco Namuri wrote:
> Hi mentors,
> I've received from the author of homebank a pre-release version 3.4 of
> homebank with new SVG icons released under GPL, I have a doubt regarding
> one of these icons, it is released with this license metadata:
>       <cc:License
>          rdf:about="http://web.resource.org/cc/PublicDomain";>
> It's ok for debian?

While the "concept" of Public Domain is fine for Debian, I'm a little
concerned about the execution.  This doesn't seem like a "proper" licence
grant, like the GPL boilerplate, and hence might not be considered to be
sufficiently clear for Debian to take the risk on.  I'd check with d-legal,
and perhaps try and get a clearer licence statement out of upstream.

- Matt

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